3 Key Benefits of Choosing a Heavy Duty Shredder

3 Key Benefits of Choosing a Heavy Duty Shredder

If you work in an office, you know how much paperwork can stack up. What was once one packet quickly grows into hundreds of pages of documents.

What's more, those documents are filled with important details that, should they fall into the wrong hands, could be misused. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance that you make sure your documents are disposed of in a proper, legal way.

And while many businesses choose to enlist the help of outside companies like office supply stores, they'd do better to invest in a shredder of their own. Here are three key benefits to choosing to invest in a heavy duty shredder.

1. A Heavy Duty Shredder Saves You Money

Initially, that header may be a bit confusing. How can buying something save you money? Rest assured, investing in a heavy duty shredder for your office can save you money in several ways.

The biggest way you'll save is by avoiding unnecessary trips to the office supply store. How many times have you sent an employee to your local big box store to shred boxes of documents?

It's estimated that most businesses pay anywhere from $65 to $100 per bin, with some businesses requiring a minimum order of at least a few hundred dollars.

Of course, fewer expense trips to the office supply store also means you're saving time, and thus, increasing productivity. A shredder in your office may actually earn your business more money!

2. Enjoy Extra Security

Your documents and other media are extremely vital to your business. And while the employee down at the local shredding store may have the best intentions, what's the say they're going to do a thorough job?

All it takes is takes one crafty person to go through bags of shredded documents to find valuable details about your business and its clients.

Don't take the risk. Give yourself the benefit of secure shredding by investing in a heavy duty shredder of your own.

These shredders can dispose of any time of media you need shredded, including CDs and DVDs, hard drives, and even USB drives.

3. In-House Shredding Ensures Compliance

At least in the continental US, every state has its own set of data disposal laws. These laws are quite extensive and require businesses to dispose of their data in regulated manners.

It may seem like a failure to adhere to these guidelines isn't a big deal. However, you'd be quite wrong.

Failure to comply with federal and state data disposal laws is setting your business up to fail. You'll have to pay extensive fees. And that's not counting the money you'll lose since your business's image is tarnished.

Dispose of Data Safely and Securely With a Heavy Duty Shredder

If it isn't clear by now, we'll say it again: it's critically important that businesses take care of sensitive media. And there's no better and more cost-effective manner than by purchasing your own shredder.

Get in touch with High Security Paper Shredders today and see how you can keep your business safe.