3 Tips On Dealing With A Jammed Shredder

3 Tips On Dealing With A Jammed Shredder

jammed paper shredder
Do you often deal with a jammed shredder in the office? Before you lose your cool, check out these 3 tips on fixing and preventing this frustrating issue.

You know the feeling.

You head to your paper shredder to get rid of some important documents. You turn on the shredder and insert your paper. Instead of a shredded paper, you're greeted by a loud buzzing sound and an overheated machine.

A paper shredder is an essential item to keep around the house or office. But even the best paper shredders suffer from the occasional jam.

Are you trying to fix a jammed shredder? Trying to force more paper can make matters worse.

You should use caution and follow these instructions instead. Here are 3 tips on fixing and preventing this frustrating issue.1. First Steps

Fixing a jammed shredder doesn't have to be complicated. There are a few things you can do for a quick fix.

The first thing you should do is check to see if the wastebasket is full. An overflowing wastebasket can clog up a shredder with extra bits of paper. Empty the wastebasket and try re-running the device.

If it's still jammed, check to see if your shredder has a reverse button. Clear the shredder opening and plug it back in.

The reverse function will feed jammed paper back out of the opening. You can try to switch between the forward and reverse buttons a few times. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you'll have to manually remove the jam.

2. Fixing a Paper Jam

Paper jams are often the result of trying to feed too many sheets of paper into your shredder at once. You can manually fix the jam by adding some shredder oil.

Spray some oil on the shredder opening. If this is your first time using shredder oil, you should spray it onto the shredder blades for an extra kick.

The oil will seep into the paper and lubricate it. Turn the shredder back on after about 15 minutes.

Shredder oil can also prevent paper jams in the first place. You should oil your shredder at least once per month if you use your shredder a couple times per week.

Make sure you use store bought shredder oil. Canola oil or WD-40 can further damage your machine.

Still having problems? You might have to call a shredding specialist. They can take care of your jam for a small cost.

3. Removing Bad Items

It's not uncommon for people to get loose with their definition of "paper shredder." There are countless examples of people shoving credit cards, CDs, and other items into their shredders.

Plastic can easily get jammed in your shredder blades. Removing non-paper items from your shredder is actually easy.

Unplug the device and remove the shredder head. You can try to manually remove the material from the head with tweezers or a screwdriver.

Plug your device back in once you've removed all visible items. Test the shredder by putting in one or two pieces of paper. You can also add shredder oil to your paper to add extra lubrication.

Fixing Your Jammed Shredder

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