5 Advantages of Responsible Document Shredding

5 Advantages of Responsible Document Shredding

Document Shredding
If you own a business it's important you keep your documents safe. Sometimes that means destroying documents altogether. Here are 5 benefits of responsible document shredding.

Even small businesses, regardless of what they are, have sensitive documents. Banking information, identification, addresses and phone numbers, purchasing history.

When you need to get rid of these items, document shredding is the best option. Unless you are a massive company, using your own paper shredder is the better way to go.

Let's look at some of the benefits of shredding your sensitive documents.

Best Reasons for Document Shredding

Just throwing a piece of paper away or tearing up doesn't mean it can still be used for gathering information. People can steal identities, access banking, and other personal information, so you want to know those documents are destroyed.

1. Your Own Information

Shredding the documents means your own personal or important information won't fall into the hands of thieves. We often don't realize how much information people can access, even from a small shipping receipt or invoice with your company information.

2. Client Information

This is important that you do not want to let out. Your clients and customers rely on you to keep their information for business purposes. Even long after the client has given it to you, it can still be found and used by thieves.

Security is very important for building trust with your customer base. They will become loyal knowing their information is safe.

3. Smaller Waste

The shredded paper is easier to recycle, therefore cutting back on the waste paper from your trash. With the paper already shredded, it doesn't need to be broken down as full paper does.

The shredded paper is made into other paper products, reducing the cost of making more from new. It saves money, pollution and makes for smart business practice. Working green gets noticed by your clients and your community.

4. DYI

Using your own shredder means you know the documents have been taken care of. Sending them out can be worrisome, for highly sensitive documents. Thieves will not only steal documents but take shredded paper, as well, in hopes of reconstructing them for information.

You don't have to store them until the service comes, taking up space. Also, people can access sensitive information while it's in storage. You can move pieces to other bins to mix the waste, therefore guaranteeing that the information is gone.

5. Peace of Mind

The peace of mind is worth it. Your clients will trust you, you will know the documents are destroyed and that all of your business, clients and your personal information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Shred Like a Pro

There is something rather satisfying about sending that piece of paper through the shredder. For really sensitive documents, tearing it up isn't enough. Small pieces of information can still be retrieved.

Any time you gather any type of customer information, you are putting that information at risk. Document shredding is the best way to protect that information.

The cost of a shredder is small compared to identity and information theft. Please contact us for any information, or types of shredders that will be best for your company and needs.