5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft With Mobile Shredding

5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft With Mobile Shredding

Identity theft is one of the biggest threats to American consumers and businesses. In fact, nearly 18 million Americans fall victim to identity theft in a given year.

No company or organization is safe from the threat. The United States government has been hacked, as well as major companies like Home Depot and Target.

These vulnerabilities beg the question, what steps should you take to protect sensitive information? Not everyone has a heavy-duty shredder available to destroy personal information.

Mobile shredding is the solution you are looking for. Read on to learn 5 ways that mobile shredding can help prevent identity theft.

1) Shred Large Volume

This is the greatest benefit to mobile shredding. In one visit, a mobile shredder can destroy tons of confidential documents and papers.

The shredding service is secure and guarantees complete destruction of all papers vulnerable to identity theft. Those who seek to compromise your company's security cannot steal what they cannot see.

2) Shredding Bins Keep Information Safe

Some critics may question the time elapsed between shredding. They argue that this information is vulnerable while it waits to be shredded.

However, this is not the case. Instead, shredding services offer locked bins for important documents to be safely discarded.

There is an opening that is large enough to slide papers through, but too small for a hand or grabbing device. This is an effective method for reducing the likelihood of document theft.

3) Mobile Shredding Occurs By Demand

One of the convenient benefits of mobile shredders is the flexible and recurring schedules. The shredding services company can schedule appointments based on your company's demand.

For instance, the shredder can visit your company on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. A recurring destruction schedule is a great way to reduce opportunities for identity theft.

4) Convenience Leads to Greater Security

Many employees fail to safeguard information because they are too busy. They just don't have time to properly destroy documents with personal information.

Instead, these employees leave important files in a cardboard box under the desk. In some cases, sensitive documents are left sprawled across a cubicle or office.

The convenience of locked-up bins changes this dynamic. Now employees can safely discard these files with little to no effort at all.

5) Recurring Document Collection Allows Managers to Get Engaged

It is near impossible to ensure employees are safeguarding information on a minute-by-minute basis. Document collection by a mobile shredder, on the other hand, gives managers an opportunity to get engaged.

Managers can supervise the document destruction to send employees a message about the importance of safeguarding files. In addition, they can coordinate office walkthroughs on the same day as the document collection.

Ready to Shred?

Identity theft is clearly a growing issue in the United States and around the globe. A small oversight can lead to a company-wide cyber-attack or hacking incident.

The good news is that shredding services can reduce the likelihood of this catastrophic event. For more information on mobile shredding, we're here to help!