How to Choose the Right Commercial Paper Shredder

How to Choose the Right Commercial Paper Shredder

Even in an increasingly digital world, offices still need paper documents on hand. There's just something about the security and feel of a hard copy document that a PDF can't replace.

But what happens when you're done with those documents? After all, there's important confidential information about your business and your clients. FTC regulations require safe, secure disposal of these sensitive documents.

That's why most businesses would do well to invest in a commercial paper shredder. Yet there are so many on the market that choosing between the hundreds of models can be quite tough.

Here's a helpful guide so you can make a more well-informed decision regarding which commercial paper shredder is right for your business.

Consider Office Size

Every office environment is unique, as are its needs. You wouldn't expect a small, family-run business to shred as many documents as a massive business like Starbucks.

So it makes sense that different types of shredders are better for different types of offices.

When considering which commercial paper shredder to invest in, evaluate with your office size in mind. You may need something small and simple if you only worth with a few people. On the other hand, you may need a heavy-duty shredder if you employ dozens.

Ultimately, the right choice comes down to how many workers will need to use the shredder.

Evaluate Current Paper Usage

Another factor to keep in mind is your current paper usage. On a weekly basis, how much paper does your office go through? What about a month? A year, even?

Eventually, those documents will need shredding. If your office is mostly digital, it stands to reason that you'll need to shred a lot less than a paper-heavy office.

Think About Security

From memos to pamphlets to employee records, at any given moment, an office has tons of confidential information that needs to be kept safe.

When it comes time to choose a commercial paper shredder, it isn't sufficient to pick up the cheapest shredder from your local big box store.

As silly as it sounds, it's entirely possible to reassemble shredded documents. If the shredder's quality was poor at least.

Most businesses can't afford the PR disaster and financial fees associated with an FTC violation. Keep your safety, and the safety of clients and employees, in mind.

Buy With the Future in Mind

Finally, consider the future of your business. Do you intend to hire more employees? Or perhaps you're looking at expanding the services you offer.

If your business wants to grow, it's likely going to use more paper. Buying a quality paper shredder now may end up saving you quite a bit in the future.

Find a Commercial Paper Shredder That Fits Your Needs

As you can see, picking the right shredder isn't as easy as choosing the first option you see. Don't make the mistake that so many businesses have made before: invest in your shredder.

At High-Security Paper Shredders, we take document shredding seriously. We only stock the strongest, most effective shredders on the market.

So keep your business safe and get in touch with us today. We promise you won't regret it.