Office Paper Shredder Maintenance 101

Office Paper Shredder Maintenance 101

Office Paper Shredder
If you're looking for ways to extend the life of your office paper shredder, we've got some great tips to share. Click here to learn some important maintenance tips today!

A paper shredder is a valuable office tool for maintaining security and privacy.

But if your shredder jams up or stops working, it won't do you much good. Fortunately, a few simple maintenance tasks will keep these problems from happening.

Keep reading to learn about the most important office paper shredder maintenance tips.

Oil Your Paper Shredder

Paper shredders need to be oiled often, especially if you're using one that has cross-cutting blades. This will give it a longer lifetime.

Oiling the blades also reduces friction and lets the shredder run smoothly. If you don't oil your shredder, the blade system will heat up as it cuts, which could result in the blades dulling.

But don't just use any oil.

These devices need commercial shredder oil if you want the best performance results.

How to Oil Your Shredder

Spread the shredder oil over a normal piece of paper. You don't need a lot of oil, and it's not necessary to soak the paper. Just make sure the oil covers the entire piece of paper in a zig-zagging motion.

Insert the oil covered paper into the shredder and put the shredder on reverse mode for several moments. This will make sure the oil gets distributed through all the cutting cylinders.

Once the oil is dispersed, shred a few more pieces of paper to remove the excess.

How Often Should I Oil My Office Paper Shredder?

This depends on the size of your shredder and how often you use it.

You should oil small paper shredders (using less than 50 sheets of paper a week) every other day. Bigger shredders should be oiled every time you change the bag.

Clean Your Paper Shredder

Bits of paper, dust, and other debris can get into important areas of your paper shredder, including the gear-house. When this happens, the buildup can give your shredder some trouble.

You should regularly check your machine for debris. If you find any, spray the dust and paper particles away with some pressurized air. A clean shredder will work better and last longer.

Know Your Paper Capacity

Never try to squeeze more pieces of paper through your shredder at a time than it can take.

Pushing more paper through the blades can cause them to jam. This can be expensive to repair, and in some cases, you might have to replace the entire shredder altogether.

Always find out your shredder's maximum capacity before you start using it.

Though some shredders come with load detectors that keep you from putting too much paper through at one time, most do not. So you'll need to know what the limit is for yourself.

Take Care of Your Office Paper Shredder

Oiling, cleaning, and using your shredder correctly will keep it in good condition and increase its lifespan.

Make sure you know what can and can't go through your shredder. Just because some models can take staples or credit cards, it doesn't mean yours can.

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