Why You Need an NSA Compliant Shredder for Confidential Document Destruction

Why You Need an NSA Compliant Shredder for Confidential Document Destruction

You already know that shredding professional and personal documents is incredibly important when it comes to protecting the integrity of your business.

However, especially if you work within a government agency or handle classified information, standard confidential document destruction isn't enough.

In fact, the NSA has a list of evaluated products to ensure that none of the information you've processed falls into the wrong hands. While many people focus their efforts on cybersecurity, far fewer give that same amount of attention to their paper documents.

And even if you don't work in an industry that handles confidential information, it's still a smart idea to use the top-quality products to protect your data.

Read on to find out why it matters, as well as to learn about some of the best confidential document destruction shredders on the market today.

You'll Protect Private Information

We live in an age where it's easier than ever to access people's personal information.

Even the NSA and the FBI aren't immune from dedicated thieves and hackers. However, as a business or a member of an agency with high-security clearance, it's your responsibility to protect the information you've been entrusted with.

It's not only the right thing to do. Often, it's a legal or regulatory requirement.

Shredding your documents with a product that uses cross-cut technology (which means that the paper is shredded both horizontally and vertically) ensures that you're following the law.

If you fail to properly follow the regulations, you will likely be hit with heavy fines. Not to mention, your business's or your personal reputation will be highly compromised.

You may even be out of a job.

Of course, especially if you work within a government agency, the consequences of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can have catastrophic consequences -- which could leave you facing jail time.

You'll Gain The Trust Of Your Clients

More than 16 million Americans become victims of identity theft every year.

Do you really want your top client to be one of them?

Your clients and coworkers have entrusted you with confidential personal information, such as credit card and social security numbers, financial data, and more.

Routinely go through the client documents you store in your office and get rid of anything that you no longer need. To ensure that you aren't leaving stale documents behind, it's a smart idea to schedule a day of shredding at least once a month.

Plus, it's a nice opportunity for company bonding.

There will always be some documents that you need to have on hand and cannot discard. It's your responsibility to ensure that these documents are kept in a secure, locked box that is frequently monitored.

Of course, there's another upside to document shredding: the amount of space you'll be able to save in your office!

A Quick List of Documents To Shred

Confused about what types of things should go in the shredder?

Be sure to get rid of:

  • Voided employee/personal checks
  • Sales receipts
  • Records of employment
  • Tax returns
  • Financial data
  • Credit card numbers
  • Personal information (address, telephone number, email lists)

Some of the Best NSA Listed Shredders

Now you're a bit more aware of some of the rules surrounding confidential document destruction. Next up on our to-do list?

Let's take a quick look at some of the best NSA compliant shredders on the market.

The Intimus 302 SF High-Security Shredder

This shredder offers cross-cut destruction, can shred up to seven sheets at once, and comes with Level 6/P-7 security clearance.

It also comes with an automatic start/stop feature with a sensor that prevents the bin from overloading. To ensure that shredding your documents won't disrupt your workplace, the shredder also comes with whisper quiet technology.

If you need to shred a lower volume of documents, then this is the perfect option for you.

Keep in mind that this machine is unable to shred credit cards, CDs/DVDs, or paper clips. To ensure that you do not damage the machine, only shred paper materials.

The Intimus 007 SF High-Security Shredder

If you need to do some serious shredding -- up to twenty-six reams every hour and ten sheets at once -- this shredder can get the job done.

It can also carry 20% more than the majority of NSA listed shredders are able to hold. It has key lock security and is made entirely of metal for added security. It's also been listed for approval for those needing Special Access Programs, Communications Secure, and Top Secret shredding.

If you have high-security concerns, then this is likely the confidential document destruction shredder for you.

Rely On Us For Confidential Document Destruction Products

Have additional questions about how to find the best document shredder for your business's needs?

If so, be sure to spend some time on our blog, which is full of helpful advice on countless topics.

If you already know the level of security clearance you need or have other specifications in mind? Then feel free to browse through our products. Don't forget to pick up extra supplies, such as shredder bags and shredder oils.

Don't run the risk of having your client's sensitive information or high-level secrets compromised.

Instead, always take the time to make sure you've invested in the best possible confidential document destruction products for the job.