Why Your Office Needs a High Security Paper Shredder

Why Your Office Needs a High Security Paper Shredder

Your mission: Keeping confidential information safe from the wrong hands.

No, this isn't meant to appeal to James Bond, Liam Neeson, or another secret agent made popular in the movies.

If your business deals with confidential client information, you want to ensure no one else gets ahold of it. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem when you have a high security paper shredder.

If you deal with client information every day but don't have this asset in your office, read on to discover why you should get one.

Documents That Need Shredding

Not everything in your office needs shredding right away. But if you deal with important information about your clients, where they live, their income or medical records, it's better not to take any chances.

Here are important documents to get rid of before their presence becomes a problem:

  • Credit card information
  • Anything with a social security number
  • Photo ID copies
  • Tax returns
  • Medical records
  • Financial statements

When in doubt, shred anything that has a name, address, financial information, or is otherwise highly sensitive. If necessary, review a comprehensive list of information that is worth shredding.

In the case of most clients, anything personal can go after it's served its purpose.

Protect Your Clients' Information with a High Security Paper Shredder

Various businesses and industries that serve clients have sensitive financial and personal information about them. These range from services at banks and medical offices to law and accounting firms.

Even if your office is not one of these, it's still important you protect your clients. Should any information get into the wrong hands, it's better to err on the side of caution.

This helps your clients feel safe and makes your company look professional. It gives you peace of mind too since everything on your end is handled. When you shred important documents, there's no way someone could steal it from your office trash.

Save Money by Doing It Yourself

You may ask why you should bother with a high security paper shredder. After all, can't you outsource the work to a mobile shredding service?

These companies usually visit your business and do all the shredding for you. Depending on the needs of your company, they visit anywhere from once to several times per week.

Although this gets rid of a tedious task, your company saves more money by investing in a shredder. It gets the job done with half the cost.

You have other benefits too, including shredding documents right away instead of waiting for the service to come around. This protects sensitive information rather than leaving it out in the open.

It also decreases the number of people who are touching the documents and able to see this information. It's one less bill for your office to pay, too.

If you and your employees make a habit of shredding documents every time you're done with them, there won't be a huge stack that has to get shredded at once. This saves time for everybody.

Act Environmentally Conscious

Taking care of the environment is something many people today put emphasis on. The workplace is no stranger to this phenomenon.

From taking public transportation to work to brown-bagging lunch, we're all on the lookout for ways we can actively help the environment. Shredding paper is another great way to get started on this path.

Instead of simply throwing the paper away, offices have various solutions for their paper waste. It could vary from using the shredded paper to ship items to donating it for compost.

If you purchase a high quality paper shredder, you'll be able to serve the environment in various ways. This would be impossible if you used a paper service or just threw your papers out.

Protect Your Company and Legal Obligations

All companies that deal with confidential client information must protect it from others. This includes outside people who come into the office. It may even extend to personnel who work within the building, such as individuals in certain departments.

If these documents get into the wrong hands, problems could occur. You or your company could face potential lawsuits. This hurts the reputation of your business and makes it harder to get new clients.

By using a high security paper shredder, you're making an investment that protects not only those you serve but you and your employees. With an outcome like this, everyone wins.

Gain Space Back

In any office, space is a luxury most people yearn for. If you have piles of papers thrown into boxes, trays, or other places, you lose some of that space.

Getting a shredder for your office means it's easy to ditch unwanted documents as soon as you're done with them. You don't need to save them, bury them, or otherwise hide them to protect information.

New space in your office means more room to move around in. You can add some plants to beautify the area and create a cleaner look for anyone who visits. You'll no longer feel ashamed to have an unexpected guest come over at a moment's notice.

Find the Right Shredder for Your Office

No matter what type of office you have, you'll need help selecting a high security paper shredder. Unlike many office supplies, this is not one size fits all.

Contact us today to see the variety of shredders we have to offer. You'll have the chance to select one that meets your company needs.

Don't take chances when it comes to the security of yourself and your clients. Protect everyone involved by shredding right away.