Datastroyer 102-DG Disk Erasing Wand Degausser (Discontinued)

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This product is no longer available. Check out the comparable Proton 1100 Wand Degausser.

Features of the 102 DG

  • Wipe hard drives to forensically irrecoverable state
  • Sanitize 14" disk packs by placing the paddle between the disks & rotating the disk pack
  • Sanitize 3-1/2", 5-1/4" or 8" floppy disks by wiping both disk edges
  • Sanitize magnetic storage drums, bubble memory chips & thin film modules

Description of the Datastroyer 102-DG High Security Degaussing Wand

The Datastroyer 102-DG high security degaussing wand is the strongest handheld degaussing tool available. It is a small, portable wand that, when waved in front of hard drives, floppy disks and other magnetic media, will effectively eliminate the information retained on them. It is NSA evaluated and approved for secure erasure of hard drives (platters removed). The Datastroyer 102-DG degausser wand produces a magnetic signal that completely removes the data on hard drives (platters removed), floppy disks, conventional 14" disk packs, and magnetic storage drums to level 6/P-7 high security standards. The magnet will not weaken over time and comes in a steel case covered in velvet to ensure safe and secure transit. Additionally, the case protects the owner from accidentally eliminating or damaging data by being in proximity to the wand.

Full Specs of the Datastroyer 102-DG High Security Degaussing Wand

Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Shredding Volume Low
Shreds Credit Cards No
Shreds Paper Clips No
Shred DVDs and CDs No