Datastroyer 1615 MS High Security Shredder Level 6/P-7

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Features of the 1615 MS

  • Specially hardened solid-steel cutting cylinders
  • Powerful, specially-adjusted drive for high performance and longer periods of use
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Automatic start/stop control via electronic eye
  • Easy removal of shred bag
  • Reverse for overfed paper
  • Easily movable on casters

Description of the Datastroyer 1615 MS High Security Shredder

The Whitaker Brothers Datastroyer 1615 Micro Shred (MS) high security shredder is part of the NSA approved shredder list and is available on our GSA pricing schedule. This durable Datastroyer shredder features an automatic start/stop function, an auto reverse, a 16" throat width, and an impressive sheet capacity. It is situated on casters to make mobility easier and has an electronic eye to sense paper for automatic activation when necessary. The Datastroyer 1615MS is comprised of sturdy, solid-steel cutting cylinders. The 16" throat width allows for untidy stacks of paper to be shredded with ease. The auto start/stop functions via an electronic eye, so it will automatically begin shredding when paper is placed in the feed opening. The automatic reverse helps relieve paper jams. A specially designed motor allows for unlimited periods of use while maintaining high performance levels. Through its large throat width and optimum performance design this level 6/P-7 shredder can fulfill a variety of roles, at a fantastic government price.

Full Specs of the Datastroyer 1615 MS High Security Shredder

Sheet Capacity up to 10*
Shred Speed 16”
Horsepower Rating 1.88 HP
Electrical Requirements 115 V
Shipping Weight 132 lbs
Height 35.7”
Width 23.4”
Depth 18.5”
Shredding Volume Low
Shreds Credit Cards No
Shreds Paper Clips No
Shred DVDs and CDs No

Video of the Datastroyer 1615 MS High Security Shredder