HSM Classic 411.2 High Security Shredder Level 6/P-7

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Quick Overview of the HSM 411.2

  • Anti-Jam technology
  • Shreds type: paper
  • TAA compliant and NSA-EPL listed
  • High cutting capacity steel cylinder
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • Stand-by mode consumes zero energy
  • "Whisper technology" keeps operation quiet
  • Reversing function with on/off switch
  • Long lasting wear-resistant solid steel cutting rollers
  • Bin-full/bin open stops
  • Paper sacks storage space available

Description of the HSM 411.2 High Security Paper Shredder

The HSM 411.2 high security paper shredder features a 16" throat width, automatic on/off functions, a slide out waste bin, a rocker switch, casters, and a protected transmission. This level 6/P-7 high security shredder is sure to satisfy any top secret or classified document shredding needs. The HSM 411.2 high security paper shredder has a wide 16" throat size capable of shredding up to 10 disorderly sheets of paper. This level 6/P-7 shredder features an automatic on/off control via a photoelectric cell so it will begin shredding as soon as paper is placed in the feed opening. It will also automatically stop when the container door is open or when the waste bin is full, along with an automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam. The shred container is located in an enclosed cabinet and is on a wire slide-out frame to make changing the bag easy, and the entire unit is located on casters to make mobility a breeze. The rocker switch has on/off/reverse controls for easy operation. This shredder meets NSA/CSS specification 02-01 and has a specially designed motor for prolonged use and a protected transmission which prevents dirt and dust from affecting it, thus preserving the service life and quality of this D.O.D approved shredder.

Full Specs of the HSM 411.2 High Security Paper Shredder

SKU HSM411.2L6
Sheet Capacity Up to 16*
Throat Size 16”
Electrical Requirements 120 V
Shipping Weight 229 lbs
Height 37 ⅘”
Width 23 ⅖”
Depth 18 ½”
Shreds Credit Cards No
Shreds Paper Clips No
Shred DVDs and CDs No

Video of the HSM 411.2 High Security Shredder