4 Kinds Of Material that Can Be Destroyed by A Heavy Duty Shredder

4 Kinds Of Material that Can Be Destroyed by A Heavy Duty Shredder

heavy duty paper shredder
A heavy duty shredder can handle much more than just the shredding of paper. Find out what other materials and media can be destroyed by one of these.

What's makes a heavy-duty shredder better than a regular paper shredder? It's more convenient, it saves company time, it reduces information theft... the list goes on!

If you aren't sure what a heavy-duty shredder can do for your business, keep reading. We'll tell you all the different materials it can handle and what this will do for your business. Check it out!


Obviously, your paper shredder shreds paper. But a major advantage of a heavy-duty shredder is its increased shredding capacity.

With a heavy-duty shredder, you don't have to feed the sheets of paper in one at a time. You can put several sheets in at a time.

Sometimes you can shred entire documents at once. Of course, that depends on the size of the document and the shredder. Shredding capacity varies between shredders.

Metal Paper Accessories

Some heavy-duty shredders can even cut through paper clips and staples. This is one of the major benefits of going heavy-duty.

No more need to check for and remove metal objects from documents before shredding. You can put stapled documents right into the shredder. Skipping this step will shave countless hours off of your shredding time.


If your company's private information is stolen, it can damage or even destroy your business. And as you know, paper documents aren't the only place this private information is found.

To keep your company safe and secure, you will need a shredder that can cut through CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. A heavy-duty shredder can do this for you.

It's not always possible to remove the data from a disk by deleting it. Sometimes, if the disk is scratched or damaged and can't be read, you won't be able to delete the information. If the disk is not disposed of securely, someone might be able to restore the disk and the information.

A shredder that's made for hard plastic media disposal puts your mind at ease. It securely destroys the data beyond any chance of restoration.

Digital Information Drives

There are even shredders that are specifically designed to destroy hard drives. It will also securely dispose of USB storage drives and any other drive you store information on.

Like CDs and DVDs, there are also situations that require a hard drive to be destroyed for security reasons. A hard drive shredder is the safest way to dispose of this information. It is designed to thoroughly destroy a drive to prevent sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands.

Keep Your Company Safe With a Heavy-Duty Shredder

A shredder that has all of these capabilities significantly reduces your risk of information theft. It is the best, and maybe the only, way to ensure every type of information you record is disposed of securely.

It's actually what they are designed for. They aren't just there to help you dispose of things. They are primarily intended as a security measure.

Make sure you aren't putting your company at risk. If you aren't already using a heavy-duty shredder, get started right away.

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