4 Tips On Maintaining Your Office's Commercial Shredder

4 Tips On Maintaining Your Office's Commercial Shredder

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Do you know the ins and outs of maintaining your company's new commercial shredder? Here are 4 useful tips

Is your home or office is cluttered with piles of papers?

Do security and/or privacy issues prohibit you from throwing them in the garbage?

As long as you don't need certification for FACTA or HIPAA, then you should consider a commercial shedder.

Whether it's in your office or in your home, a shredder can be a priceless tool for maintaining privacy and security - for yourself and/or your customers.

How Much Work Is A Commercial Shredder?

As machines go, shredders are pretty low maintenance.

But if you want to keep it in optimal running condition, there are a few basic things you'll need to do.

1. Perform a Regular Cleaning

As with any machinery, keeping it clean is job number one.

With continual use, paper particles collect between the blades of your shredder. If too much settles there, it could cause decreased functionality and overheating of the motor as it works harder to do its job.

All of this means a shortened life for your shredder.

So periodically check it to ensure the cutting heads are clear of debris.

Obviously, clearing out the sharp cutting heads should not be done by hand. So you can start by using a can of pressurized air to spray out excess particles.

Then simply run the machine in reverse for 30 seconds to remove a good amount of those collected particles from the heads. You'll notice an immediate improvement in performance after doing this.

Just be sure your manual does not discourage this procedure.

2. Frequently Oil the Blades

All shredders need to be regularly oiled. Especially those with cross-cutting blades.

It's just physics. The system of moving parts that constitutes the blade system is going to be subject to heat and dulling during the course of operation.

But keeping the blades oiled results in minimal harmful friction, smoother operation and longer life for your shredder.

Remember, you should only use commercial shredder oil that's formulated specifically for those blades.

3. Be Aware of the Run Time

This is more of a preventive maintenance tip. But it's a crucial one.

It's important to know how long your machine is designed to run before it will need to cool down. Otherwise, you'll run the risk of overheating and even damaging your machine.

Even shredders that are rated as continuous fare better with a period of rest every so often.

So check your manual. And if it doesn't specify the ideal runtime, consider calling customer support to see what they say.

Regardless of what you find out, a good rule of thumb to prevent overheating is to allow 30 minutes of cool down time for every 30 minutes of operation.

4. Know its Sheet Capacity

This is another preventive tip. But being aware of your shredder's sheet capacity is equally important.

Many costly repairs are the result of people trying to force more paper through the shredder than it's designed to handle.

Some shredders have a load detector that won't allow you to put through more paper than the system can handle. But don't assume that's a standard feature on yours.

Refer to your manual to be absolutely certain of the maximum load your shredder can handle.

Clear out the Clutter

A commercial shredder will allow you to clear out those papers and documents while maintaining security and privacy.

And be sure to check out our line of NSA listed high-security shredders. They're the ultimate in peace of mind.